My #CX Blog Posts In April 2018


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My #CX Blog Posts In April 2018

May 2, 2018

April was a busy month for blogging about customer experience, and since I've moved all of my writing over to Forbes, I want to make sure you didn't miss out on a single post. So here is a handy guide to what I had to say last month (click on the headlines to read the entire articles):


How The Student Experience Can Provide Learnings For The Customer Experience

Steve Spangler, the founder of Steve Spangler Science, began his career as an elementary school science teacher in the early 1990s and immediately found that kids learned best when the instruction was turned into an experience.


How One Nonprofit Thanked Its Customers In An Unexpected Way

The Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY decided to thank its members with a unique and very personalized gift.


3 Ways To Stand Out From All The Other Salespeople


How do salespeople effectively use email marketing to break through and get a budget owner’s attention? Here are the ways I’ve found to be most effective from a client perspective.


11 Annoying Habits Of Salespeople That Damage The Experience For Prospects

As a client, it sometimes felt like all salespeople attended the same salesperson training session, something like “How To Write The Perfect Email That Will Generate More Sales.” But when your email sounds just like everyone else’s, it is actually far from perfect.


This Is The One List That Retail Businesses Want To Avoid

Retail signs and displays are a reflection of your brand. When mistakes slip through the cracks, smartphones and social media can create embarrassment.



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